2350 Health Sciences Mall, Rm 2420 Life Sciences Institute, University of British Columbia Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3 Canada


Rocio Hollman

M.Sc./Ph.D StudentB.Sc. University of British Columbia

Shruti Kochhar

Ph.D StudentB.Pharm. University of Delhi, IndiaM.Sc. University of Oxford, UK

Yu Sun

(2006-2011)Current Position: Marketing and Sales ManagerSTEMCELL Technologies, China

Joshua Levinson

(2005-2010)Current Position: Technology Transfer Consultant | Simon Fraser University

Fergil Mills

(2008-2015)Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow | MIT

Stefano Brigidi

(2008-2014)Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, UCSD

Andrea Globa

(2011-2017)Current Position: Business Development Specialist, Mitacs

Jordan Shimmel

StudentB.Sc. Simon Fraser University, Canadajshimell@gmail.com